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Networking and communications is one of the most important aspects now in everyday  life. Every person can reach any other person in any part of the world with seconds. With networking and communications, life became much easier and progress is much faster. Empire Communications helps you get better connected and brings you up to date with the changing world around you.

Your Key To Communication

1. Managed Network Solutions

2. Maintenance & Support

3. Connection & Communication

Empire Communications will maintain, support and manage all your IT & Networking needs. We provide a wide area of services to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Maintenance & Support

Cabling is what we do! And we do it well. Not sure what your business needs and what updates can be made to save you money? Call us today!

Make sure everyone is connected by added Wi-Fi to your home or business. Safe secure networks and fast easy  access.

Simple Secure Solutions for a Complex Environment

Enhance your company's data network fast, secure and use only best-in-class hardware for unparalleled connectivity to all of your critical data around the world.

WIFI & Wireless Connections


Cabling & Wiring


Training Available

Our Mission

Our Mission

Empire Communications is engaged in the Texas & North Carolina markets, positioned to meet the special needs of business and communities. We expect to grow and achieve above-average financial returns by maintaining a customer oriented, well-managed company with a meaningful share of the business market in the Texas & North Carolina. Empire Communications will provide superior quality service and make a contribution to the success of the business customers and communities we support.

Our Goal

Our Goal

Provide an employee/family friendly work environment where teamwork, creativity, personal growth and productivity are encouraged and rewarded.

Our Objective

Our Objective

Exceed customer expectations through continual technological and service innovation.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Empire Communications aspires to gain a reputation as being the key ingredient to the success of local business and small community that it serves and creates a work environment that facilitates the personal growth of its employees.


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